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Infrastructure Rehabilitation in all water related matters:

  • drinking water systems

  • sanitation 

  • electrical 

  • pumps

  • manholes

  • distribution chambers

  • piping

  • restoring capacity

  • control and early warning systems

Waste water systems do not biodegrade as they should when capacity is lost. Once the design capacity is restored and we have re-established premium biodegradation levels one can make an informed decision as to whether additional capacity needs to be added.


Causes of congestion / lost capacity and resultant failure

  • Infrastructure damage - Broken pipes and drains allowing sand ingress, hydraulic overloading and non-degradable items entering the system

  • Age of system = sludge build up

  • Absence of sufficient bacterial activity causing congestion

  • Harmful strong chemicals killing off the natural bacteria based biodegradation

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