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Rain Water Harvesting


In times of drought or in water scares regions it makes sense to harvest and recycle water.


  • Capturing rain water, for free, reducing reliance on municipal supply

  • Filtered prior to entering the tank with the use of a first flush diverter, capturing debris from the roof

  • Tanks can be linked to municipal supply ensuring tanks are always full, uninterrupted supply available

  • Suitable for irrigation, washing, topping up the pool

  • With the installation of a filtration and sterilisation system the water can be pumped back into the home for full usage

  • Pump is linked to a pressure controller telling the pump when to turn on or off as water is used

Grey Water Systems

The Grey Water Systems are simple to use & economical to run. Using water from the washing machine, shower, bath & basins, the G-Flow automatically diverts, filters and disperses the water to the garden via a drip line irrigation system OR via a hose connection point for your sprinkler.


Advantages of installing a Grey Water System:

  • Plug & play integrated unit, compact automated design

  • Hygienic & low maintenance

  • No foul & unpleasant Odours

  • Install either above ground, wall mounted or buried

  • Fail safe (automatic diversion to sewer during power outages)

  • 3 Way manual valve for gravity diversion to sewer (when grey water not required)

  • Robust & reliable vortex pump with thermal protection

  • Specially designed clog resistant side mounted float switch

  • Innovative, self-drain & auto de-sludge mechanism

  • Easy to pull out sludge trap basket

Easy installation into both new and existing homes, the drip line irrigation system is an affordable option to keep your gardens green all year around, regardless of watering restrictions and droughts.



Capturing Septic Tank final effluent, treatment and storage, mixed with rain water for irrigation purposes