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Bio-augmentation is the most cost-effective “first aid” treatment for sewerage rectification. In the case of a system that has been poorly maintained, one that is overloaded or has experienced a biological breakdown. Be it a shock dose or maintenance dosing program, with our products the final effluent will improve to conforming to final discharge standard.


  • Based on blends of specialised harmless bacteria, chosen from their natural environment, freeze-dried and packed in small sachets

  • The basic principle of biological wastewater treatment is the bio-degradation of organic pollutants by a diversified population of bacteria. which use waste as a source of food

  • They bacteria do this by secreting enzymes into their environment which break down solids to suspended solids and then to soluble components.

  • This bacterial population or community is known as the biomass.

  • Waste treatment systems are prone to failure due to an insufficient biomass, resulting in high levels of organic matter, suspended solids (SS levels), oxygen deprivation (BOD/COD levels) and pathogenic bacteria such as E-coli



  • All sections of Sewage Treatment Works

  • Congested Septic Tanks and drains

  • Spills of pollution in water sources

  • Reactivate systems after hazardous chemicals have killed off the biomass

  • Biological activation of new systems

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